If you still do not know La Ribera de Navarra, What are you waiting for? The artistic richness of our heritage is unique because in this area they settled and lived Jews, Christians and Muslims, and so embodied in the architecture of the neighborhoods, churches or monasteries.

Throughout the year there are in our towns and villages many festivities where you can enjoy the “Suelta de Vaquillas” (Running of Bulls), the “paloteados”, traditional dances, gastronomy and in general all the folklore that characterizes us.

Our people are very hospitable and friendly and the traveler would appreciate any suggestions from the locals in the area.

We recommend …

+ Go to Tudela to see “La Bajada del Angel”, on Easter Sunday. 
+ Visit any village at their local festivities at summertime.
+ Wander the streets staring the typical mix of the La Ribera architecture

sendaviva navarraturismo