If you do not know Navarra, specifically La Ribera, you will be amazed discovering the contrast between their landscapes. Here in La Ribera, next to the River Ebro, we have flora and diverse fauna will delight lovers of the natural environment and wetlands.

Another attraction of the area is Las Bardenas Natutal Parck, declared Biosphere Nature Reserve. It is an arid desert, similar to a lunar landscape in which you can stare and never forget, wonderful panoramic views.

The privileged location of La Ribera de Navarra allows the traveler on planning routes through nature or trips. Natural Park Moncayo (Zaragoza) is about 25 kms from Tudela, Route of The Dinosaurs of Enciso (La Rioja) is about 70 kms. On the other hand, for urbane people, La Ribera de Navarra is less than an hour to 3 provincial capitals: Logroño, Zaragoza and Pamplona.

We recommend 

+ Go into the Bardenas with a backpack and a good local guide 
+ Visit the Moncayo Natural Park in fall 
Go with a local to Wetlands and Rice Paddies in Sotos del Ebro

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